Five Songs, 3/16/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/16/2019


Goldfinger, "Answers"

I was all set to make fun of Goldfinger here as a bunch of flash-in-the-pan trend chasers, as their 1996 debut (which has this song) hit in 1996 right around the commercial peak of the third wave, and this album was even on a major label. But you know what? Unknown to me, these guys made seven albums! That certainly demonstrates a certain dedication that really takes the air out of my planned jokes. So I take it back, take it back, take it back.

Prefuse 73, "Azares"

This is a quintessential Prefuse 73 track, with a weird, mutated beat, a bunch of backwards sounding noise, and some bent keyboards on top. Add in some brief, unrecognizable vocal samples, and you're good to go.

The Mad Lads, "I'm So Glad I Fell In Love With You"

I know I the chronology is totally backwards, but this Stax song totally sounds like Queen's "You're My Best Friend" to me.

Cherry Poppin' Daddies, "We'll Always Have Paris"

Speaking of 1996! The Cherry Poppin' Daddies were basically only known as a swing revival band, something that they and/or their label leaned into by throwing together a compilation of all their swing (and swing-ish) songs in order to capitalize on that brief trend. But that stuff was only a portion of their catalog, maybe a third of their songs. Beyond that, they actually had some pretty solid rock on their albums, espeically on Kids On The Street, such as this tune.

Boris, "Hope"

Boris has one of the more irritating catalogs in rock, with albums named the same thing, exclusive releases in various places, naming things New Album and whatnot. This comes from Attention Please, which was released at the same time as Heavy Rocks...which in turn shares a name with a previous album. Luckily, it's worth sorting it all out, because not only has Boris been outstanding for their whole career, but they're also constantly reinventing themselves. This album, for instance, features lead guitarist Wata's singing like they have never had before. It gives a pretty different feel to the proceedings, feeling more Sonic Youth than Melvins.

(NB: the song starts at 5:12 in the linked video.)

Joshua Buergel
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