Five Songs, 3/17/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/17/2022

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Hell"

This, from Xtra-Acme USA, is kind of a sketch of a song, but it still cooks pretty good. I mean, just one good "weeeeeeeeeeellllllll" from Spencer is enough to get me going.

Pile, "appendicitis"

There's some other song that I can't quite put my finger on that the intro to this song reminds me of. I feel like the guitar tone is very Black Francis, but I'm not entirely sure what song it's trying to trigger for me. Once you get into the meat of the song, though, that feeling of reminding dissipates.

Nickel Creek, "Can't Complain"

Why Should The Fire Die? is my favorite Nickel Creek album, at least in a big part because the songs are mostly pretty huge, dramatic things. Because their musicianship can keep up, they're able to make the bombast sound genuine and honest.

Dog Faced Hermans, "Love Split With Blood"

Post-punk weirdos Dog Faced Hermans deployed a bunch of non-rock instruments in the course of making their racket, something I appreciate now a lot more than I did in 1994. This is tasty!

Viktor Vaughn, "Lickupon"

I should have more aliases. I should be posting these blogs under, like, five different names.


No, that would be ridiculous. I'm too big of a dipshit.

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