Five Songs, 3/2/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/2/2018

Some good stuff today.

Crackerbash, "Trinkets"

Sub Pop rock artists out of Portland, Crackerbash were part of the very prolific Pacific Northwest scene in the early nineties that still flew below the radar. While they only made one self-titled album and one amazing EP (Tin Toy), they were excellent for their short run, and don't deserve to be totally forgotten. There were several bands out of Portland from that time frame that deserved to be bigger - these guys, Pond, the Spinanes.

The Beatles, "Yer Blues"

I've been listening to the You Must Remember This podcast series on Charles Manson over the last week or so. I had always known that the Beatles' White Album had figured heavily in Manson's cult, but I didn't really know the extent to which he was fixated on it. Anyway, the album as a whole is a mess, but there's some great stuff on it, as you all know. Overall, though, "Yer Blues" is not really one of those great ones.

(NB: As usual, the studio version isn't available on YouTube, but this demo version is. I like it!)

Sleepyhead, "Gingerbread House"

Let's see what I wrote last time...the Replacements? I thought Sleepyhead sounded like the Replacements? Sometimes, I wonder about myself.

DJ Logic, "Shea's Groove"

Hell yes. Listen to that organ. Gimme that in my ears!

The Postal Service, "Clark Gable"

A collaboration between Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel), the Postal Service is named as such because they would trade ideas and parts of their songs in the mail. The album turned into a huge seller, bigger than anything Death Cab had done to that point. The record went at least gold, which I know because the gold record was hanging up in the record store I used to visit in Freemont. They never followed up on their one album, though. Personally, I think I like this album more than anything Death Cab made outside of Transatlanticism.

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