Five Songs, 3/1/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/1/2018

Well, we here at Five Songs Amalgamated managed to go two entire months without missing an entry! Not bad! Our ones of listener/readers must be pleased! Here's today, and here's to another complete month!

The Housemartins, "There Is Always Something There To Remind Me"

You know, the Housemartins should really be on my regular rotation of bands to listen to when I've got the kids around. I wish I wouldn't forget this right after I finish this article.

I just caught myself singing along to this song, even though I'm wearing headphones.

Suicide Machines, "Hey"

On this track from the first Suicide Machines album, they're very much borrowing a page from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. That's not such a bad thing! Energy goes a long way.

Wilco, "I Love My Label"

Jeff Tweedy spent some time playing with Scott McCaughey in the Minus 5, and I think it might have rubbed off a little on him. This sounds at times a lot like a McCaughey song, which is perfectly OK with me.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, "Simmer Down"

Speak of the devil! And, speaking of the devil, this comes from an EP called Ska-Core, The Devil, & More, a fun little disc that includes a Minor Threat cover as well as this Bob Marley cover.

With luck, that'll get us a Marley song. Or a Minor Threat song!

The Spinanes, "Azure"

As much as I adore the Spinanes, they're really not very much like Marley OR Minor Threat. This song comes from the middle Spinanes album, Strand, which is as great as everything else Rebecca Gates did.

Joshua Buergel
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