Five Stories, 2/28/2018
Five Songs

Five Stories, 2/28/2018

Superchunk was great! I can't believe I didn't see them until about 25 years after I first listened to them, but whatever, at least I got the chance. I'm really pleased that their second act has gone well. Today's music!

Flop, "Sorry Henry Maartens"

Well, we've now gotten a song from all three of their albums. This one, Whenever You're Ready, sort of is a classic demonstration of the "troubled second album" idea. It's unfocused, and just doesn't snap the way their debut album did. It's not bad, exactly, but it just kind of feels diluted compared to the sugar rush of the debut.

Weezer, "Take Control"

Wait, what the hell? I don't remember getting this album. Looking closer, I actually have FOUR Weezer albums! That's really, really unnecessary. At least they're the first four and not something later. Anyway, the first two albums are all the Weezer anybody really needs. This song is fine? It sounds like Weezer.

Mr. T Experience, "Marine Recruiter (Live)"

This is from Making Things With Light, a thoroughly enjoyable slab of Lookout punk pop. Stopping it after the studio tracks finish up is probably a good idea, though. The live tracks at the end are pretty inessential. Like this one.

Front 242, "Waste"

Boy, today is just shaping up to be inessential all around! "What do we have today?" "Well, lesse. Song from Flop's worst album, a Weezer song not from their first two records, a random live punk track, and post-peak Front 242." I look forward to the instrumental glockenspiel cover of Bob Marley for the fifth song today. Anyway, Front 242 just kind of kept chugging for a long time. This is from 06:21:03:11 Up Evil. I felt REALLY clever when I pieced together that that meant "Fuck Up Evil".

The Budos Band, "Unbroken, Unshaven"

Awwww yeah, the Budos Band to save the day! My favorite band on soul revival label Daptone, I first discovered the Budos Band when I was browsing in Easy Street Records in West Seattle while waiting for my table at Mashiko up the road. Yes, that's a very Seattle sentence. Anyway, I was wandering around when the clerk put on the first Budos Band record. I went straight over to the counter to figure out who this band rocking the baritone sax was. Not only did I discover the Budos Band, but that was my introduction to the entire label. Best thing that came out of that night! (I'm lying, Mashiko is amazing.)

Anyway, the Budos Band play amazing instrumental soul, and haven't made a bad record yet. Or even one that's less than great. I'd probably just start with their debut and move through them that way.

Joshua Buergel
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