Five Songs, 3/20/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/20/2022

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist, "[Part 2]"

Oh shit! Enjoy! This is the second half of Product Placement, the breakbeat extravaganza collaboration between two break experts. Incredible stuff, and honestly, I could probably just end today after this. This project ties together the songs that provide the key breakbeats that hip-hop was built out of, but provides more context for them, and it rules.

TWRP, "Need Each Other"

Gleeful electro-funk outfit TWRP are entirely about cranking up a good time with the fattest grooves they can conjure. Is it pointlessly retro or not? I don't think it matters, frankly. If they can bring it, does it matter that they're conjuring the sounds of the 80s?

Shuffle is in party mode today!

Son Volt, "Windfall"


Consolidated, "Consolidated"

Geez, things must have been bad in 1990. It's a good thing we've improved so much since then!

Iskra, "Ruins"

OK, so - the most accurate micro-genre to apply to this band is "blackened crust", and I'm so sorry that this blog contains that phrase. Crust being the political, metal-influenced hardcore style originating out of England, and the blackened in this case mostly being the vocal style and some of the blast beats which are borrowed from black metal. So, yeah, accurate, and if you're familiar with the genre markers, it gives you a good idea of whak Iskra is up to. But if you aren't, this is going to just sound like another version of the same curdled noise that we often have around here. Anyway, it rips.

Joshua Buergel
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