Five Songs, 3/21/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/21/2022

Piss Vortex, "Voice of the Worthless"

Now, see, if you remember that Iskra track from yesterday, you might say that this sounds like the same shit. But if you listen to enough of this garbage, you'll hear differences: the vocals sound like they are yelled through a bullhorn instead of strangled, and this is just relentless blasts. So, grindcore, not something else. If it's just focused on speed and aggression, you've got yourself some grindcore.

Or, to put another way: horrific guitar assault, genres are fake, hail Satan.

Melvins, "Beer Hippie"

Over the course of their 35 plus years as a band, the Melvins have gone through a lot of bass players. Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover have just accepted it, and even turned it into a way to approach changing up the sound some from album to album. On Basses Loaded, their 2016 album, they just went totally for it, featuring 6 different bassists, one of them being Crover himself. As a result, there's a fair bit of variation on the tracks, although that's also true of the Melvins across their career. As always, it's a solid record from one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Elvis Costello, "Love for Tender"

I never have a ton to say about Elvis Costello. He was so good in his core albums that there's not a ton to really say about it. This is about as good as pop rock gets. I'm a big fan!

PIG, "Volcano"

Raymond Watts is the voice and vision behind PIG, where the former KMFDM founder took those industrial dance ideas and married it to orchestration and a theatrical sensibility seemingly borrowed from Foetus. The resulting hybrid is really appealing, and honestly, I think this whole blog has me kind of wanting to go listen to a bunch of industrial dance again. Gonna pump some Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and PIG. For a long time, I regarded this stuff as hopelessly corny, but I'm now at a point where I don't care about corny, so let's do this!

The Raconteurs, "Old Enough"

Kinda forgot about this band. I wonder what happened to them, I guess Jack White moved on to other things.


Huh, 2019 album? Might pick that up.

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