Five Songs, 3/22/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/22/2022

METZ, "Drained Lake"

There's a relentlessness in this kind of noise rock, where the songs specialize in a propulsive beat that just keeps chainsawing ahead regardless of what else is going on. I've compared the sound to a malfuntioning machine, and I think in both the steadiness of it and in the harshness of some of the noises it fits. Brilliant stuff.

The Squirrels, "Money"

There's plenty of hay to be made in mocking the pomposity of big 70s rock. Punk rock, of course, is largely a reaction to it, both in defining everything the aesthetics of punk were not as well as providing a source for mockery. But it's not limited to just punk, the bloated blimps of AOR are juicy enough targets that everybody takes a shot.

And so we get to Seattle's Squirrels, musical anarchists led by Rob Morgan and featuring various members of the Seattle scene at various times. His magnum opus is this, an album-length skewering of Dark Side of the Moon called Not-So-Bright Side of the Moon, which works because of a clear affection for the source material that lets him weave the originals through the mockery. But it's also unsparing. It's absolutely ridiculous, but what the hell, it's plenty fun also.

Big Boi, "Daddy Fat Sax"

Big Boi rules.

Fugazi, "Facet Squared"

The first song on the best Fugazi record, which means it's the first song on one of the best albums ever. I remember buying this on release day and starting to head home on the bus. I had some other album on that I decided to finish before playing it, which meant that I got back to campus before I actually fired it up. I played the first song, and just sat down on a bench to listen to the whole thing through. Not walking, not reading, not doing anything but just letting this thing hit me. And then I immediately played it again.

SiR, "Something Foreign"

Yeah, ok, this song is great, but seriously, I'm so happy with that Fugazi tune coming up.

Joshua Buergel
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