Five Songs, 3/23/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/23/2022

NoMeansNo, "Forget Your Life"

NoMeansNo mostly played super dextrous, complicated hardcore, but they were capable of slowing down the tempo for pounding tunes like this one. It's the doom metal equivalent of hardcore. Doomcore? A quick search suggests that doomcore is some EDM subgenre. Harddoom doesn't work either? Eh, fuck it.

Devin the Dude, "To tha X-Treme"

Sorry, couldn't write an entry here, too busy nodding my head the entire time.

Don Drummond, "Green Island"

Trombonist Don Drummond was one of the architects of ska. He was one of the founders of the Skatalites, he composed of a bunch of their classic tunes, and played on a ton of Studio One records back in the day. Don Cosmic is a collection of a bunch of his songs for Studio One, either credited to him or him with various collaborators (this is actually him playing with the Skatalites). If you're interested in the origins of the music, it's a fantastic collection.

Trenchmouth, "A Man Without Lungs"

Eclectic Chicago band Trenchmouth refused to be tied down to any particular genre, although I would probably maintain that "art rock" probably describes them sufficiently for most people to probably figure out roughly what they are on about. They honestly remind me of nothing so much as the Talking Heads. Anyway, this record (Vs. The Light of the Sun) is probably their best album.

clipping., "Block"

The first clipping. release was a three-song EP, released only on cassette. It was later re-issued with some extra material to flesh it out, but it's interesting to hear the band in its original, elemental form. This is one of those original songs, and you can see the shape of things to come. It's nice to hear they were this avant garde from the beginning.

Joshua Buergel
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