Five Songs, 3/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/24/2022

The Hidden Cameras, "Fear Is On"

This is far, far too twee. I want to knock the books out of this song's hands and then stuff it into a locker.

Destroyer, "An Actor's Revenge"

Your Blues is extremely Bowie. There's always some Bowie in a Destroyer record, of course, but this one has always struck me as the most Bowie. Can it be more Bowie? The answer is none. None more Bowie.

(You'll note that I avoided doing a "More Bowie than Bowie" Rob Zombie riff here. You're welcome.)

Front 242, "Television Station"

Yeah, Industrial Dance 2022 is on, baby! We got us some disaffected Belgians, some sweaty Brits, couple deranged Canadians, let's fuckin' go!

Zoom, "Balboa's Cannon"

Great indie rock band out of Lawrence, Kansas, I fell in love with them when we got the "Ernst & Son" single at WRCT, but they proved elusive when I searched for their first album literally across multiple countries and in tons of cities. I did eventually find a copy of it and the followup Helium Octipede (which provides today's tune), and they're lost classics from the early 90s. But you know what? You don't have to do that! You can just go listen to "Ernst & Son" right here, with that anxious intro, that fantastic main riff, the roar of the guitars as the verse goes on, god it's good. Anyway, get both records!

Polvo, "Missing Receipts"

Little bit of a throwaway from Exploded Drawing here.

Joshua Buergel
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