Five Songs, 3/24/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/24/2021

Willie Nelson, "Are You Sure"

We've had a couple tracks from this record, which is Crazy, The Demo Sessions. Every time it comes up, I'm reminded how much I like this, and then I go look at his discography, get intimidated, and kind of give up. Not very laudable of me, I suppose.

Let's Go Bowling, "Rude 69"

See, the beginning to this song is the sort of thing that got people dismissive of the third wave. There's no real point to adding the "rude 69!" bits to the song other than to just have the whole enterprise be all smirky. Other than that, it's a totally reasonable instrumental. Well, whatever.

Fleet Foxes, "Bedouin Dress"

I should really like the Fleet Foxes more than I do. And one of the reasons I don't love these records is a petty thing with the production. Robin Pecknold's vocals have that echoey quality that I suppose sounds like they were recorded in an big space (maybe they were), and I dunno, it kind of bothers me a little bit. I feel like these are songs that should sound more intimate, and that doesn't read that way to me.

I did say it was petty.

The Police, "Driven To Tears"

When this drum intro came in, I couldn't decide which song we were about to get. That was a fun moment of uncertainty! Anyway, it's the Police who win this round. Hello, The Police.

Gob, "236 E. Broadway"

I checked. 236 E. Broadway doesn't exist as an address in Vancouver any more. The closest thing is a Freshii, which apparently is a "health-minded, counter-serve chain offering tossed-to-order salads plus soups, burritos & more." Which doesn't seem very punk rock to me.

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