Five Songs, 3/26/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/26/2018

A couple of sweet hip-hop beats today.

Quasimoto, "Blitz"

You can just hear the dust on the vinyl on that drum loop. And that sax! My god, for a short track, this is just great. Madlib is a genius.

G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band, "Sloozy"

I can just picture the faces G.E. Smith is pulling while playing this song. Which led me here, for pictures of guitarists making faces. Also, apparently G.E. Smith is a big Trump supporter, as I learned from the search "G.E. Smith making faces".

Frank Black, "Brackish Boy"

I saw Frank Black open up for They Might Be Giants in...1995, I think. Sort of an odd opening, honestly. I was pretty excited, though, having never seen the Pixies live. His show was decent, although a little out of place in the pretty big venue we were in. The most amusing thing he did, though, was when he wanted to switch guitars, he didn't put down his previous one, he just slung it behind him. At one point, he was playing a guitar with two others hanging on his back. Sadly, he topped out at three.

Dag Nasty, "Under Your Influence"

What is it that separates a band like Gaunt, which I love, from Dag Nasty, which I only like? I think some of it lies in little moments of surprise during a song. A typical Dag Nasty song, which is usually totally fine, is also pretty predictable. There'a sort of a very narrow range in which they operate. Gaunt, despite playing very similar music, usually manages to throw in a few things in each song that take you a little bit by surprise.

Dr. Octagon, "Girl Let Me Touch You (Instrumental)"

Our second absolutely vicious drum loop of the day. Dan the Automator really was absolutely on fire for this album. Those little piano stabs, merging with those drums? Perfection. This is actually the instrumental for the song, which was on Instrumentalyst (Octagon Beats), which is exactly what it sounds like: instrumental versions of the songs from the Dr. Octagon album. Now, normally I'd avoid such a thing, but these beats might be a rare exception. Although I do kind of miss Kool Keith's unhinged rhyming.

Joshua Buergel
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