Five Songs, 3/27/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/27/2021

fIREHOSE, "Sophisticated Bitch"

We've had this Public Enemy cover before, so bonus song today!

The Hidden Cameras, "Music Is My Boyfriend"

You know, I have this band squirreled away in my brain as "extremely twee, not my favorite", and so I haven't listened to this album much. I pulled up a little writeup to get a little bit of background, and apparently I needed to pay more attention to the lyrics on these songs. But I do not, I pay very little attention to lyrics, so I missed that apparently some of these twee songs are really filthy. Oh well, they're staying in that twee bucket.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Talk About The Blues"

This is a remix from Extra Acme, the companion record featuring leftovers and remixes from Acme. Hence the name. This remix is not exactly an improvement over the original, though, being more repetitive and about twice as long.

Ex Hex, "Waterfall"

This album is called Rips, which pretty much says it all.

The Staple Singers, "The Challenge"

My goodness, those strings. Little bit of a shaky start to today, but any day with the Staple Singers cannot be a bad day. Uh, apparently we haven't had them before, so briefly, the Staple Singers were a multi-generational and multi-decade soul act that had their heyday on Stax Records in the early 70s. With the Stax bankruptcy, they mostly faded into the background but they kept performing up until the passing of band patriach Pops Staples in 2000. Even after his passing, Mavis Staples has continued carrying the banner forward and is still performing to this day.

Portishead, "Sour Times"

One of the coolest songs ever recorded, and I'll fight anybody who says otherwise. Perfect, no notes.

Joshua Buergel
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