Five Songs, 3/31/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/31/2021


Five months in a row of a daily updates every single day. I can't keep this up forever, but I'm hoping the consistency is nice for folks out there. (looks at analytics) Well, a few of you, anyway.

Gauche, "Pay Day"

Gauche is a supergroup featuring members of Priests and Downtown Boys, playing new wave music in what sounds like nothing so much as an updated B-52s. I'm not really a huge new wave guy, but it's hard not to have fun listening to rhythms this infectious.

Fluf, "Rk Wins"

Hey, I just mentioned Fluf the other day! Another of the excellent early 90s San Diego bands, Fluf was cranking out huge punk songs with giant riffs across four albums. When Torche hit the scene in 2005, they sounded to me like the second coming of Fluf. That's a big endorsement, by the way.

Foetus, "Enter the Exterminator"

Foetus's curdled soundtrack aesthetic reached an early peak with his 1985 album Nail. The industrial noise meets bizarro world musical approach was something genuinely unsettling, in an amazing way. Hole had pointed in this direction, but his vision fully came together. There's nobody who really sounds like Foetus, and Nail is probably the album to see if this stuff is for you or not.

Bim Skala Bim, "Sunshine Of Your Love"

See, now, this is what I complain about with ska covers. Who is this for? Bah. Anyway, prior to How's It Goin'?, Bim Skala Bim should be skipped.

Stevie Wonder, "Boogie On Reggae Woman"

Awww yeah, that's the stuff.

Joshua Buergel
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