Five Songs, 3/30/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/30/2021

YACHT, "I Love A Computer"

Aww, the computer loves you too, YACHT.

The Band, "I Shall Be Released"

The Band's Music From The Big Pink seems like a super impressive debut album, but of course, they had been Dylan's backing band, so they were not rookies. There's been far too much written on the music of the 60s, and I was nowhere near existing, so I have nothing fresh to say. Good record, though.

(As if I have anything fresh to say about anything!)

Black Flag, "Rise Above"

After a couple singles, Black Flag finally released their debut album Damaged, and a hardcore classic was born. This is the opening cut, and it really kind of set the template for generations of California punk rock bands. Greg Ginn wasn't afraid of a little bit of guitar wizardry, as you can hear from his brief little solo in the song. I actually ended up coming to Black Flag fairly late, having encountered them a fair bit after most of the other critical hardcore bands, so I never really fell in love with them. This is a very good record, but the punk you hear early makes a big impression on you.

Battles, "Dance"

I started listening to Battles because John Stanier of Helmet was involved, but this is very much not Helmet. Battles is much more math-y, more experimental, and more willing to stray from rock entirely. I've picked up a couple releases from them, and they haven't really stuck with me, but I'm enjoying this. I should give this all a closer listen with my older ears.

Samiam, "Mud Hill"

I mis-read this album's name as "Ashtray" for a long time before finally realizing it was Astray. Both are super emo, though! I also mis-read Calexico's Feast of Wire as "Feast of Wine" which isn't at all the same thing. And inexplicably thought Flop's ...And the Fall of the Mopsqueezer was "...And The Fall of the Mousesqueezer". I really have no excuse on that one.

Josh Is A Dipshit Hour is over!

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