Five Songs, 3/4/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/4/2018

Still hanging in there on my streak. It's been close for a few days!

Hattie Littles, "Here You Come"

I know nothing about Hattie Littles, but this song is such an exemplar of that early Motown sound, it's hard not to smile. This comes from 1962, by the way.

Jets to Brazil, "Chinatown"

After Jawbreaker imploded, at least partially due to the pressure of their major label contract, Blake Schwarzenbach thankfully didn't hang up his guitar for good. His next band, Jets to Brazil, continues in the same vein. While I think Jets to Brazil is a little more polished (and therefore I'm not sure I love them quite as much), they're a worthy successor, and all three of their albums are worth looking up.

Lungfish, "The Way"

If you graph Dischord Records bands on a chart with "# of Albums Made" on one axis and "Amount Josh Knows About Them" on the other, Lungfish might be in an area all on their own. Allmusic lists 11 albums from them, which might be the most of any Dischord artist (the most in the cursory search I just did). But, I bought their first couple, and they didn't do too much for me, so I stopped paying attention, so I know very little about them. Although, apparently I wasn't permanently turned off, because this is from Necrophones, their eighth album, which I ended up with at some point. Do we have a happy ending here? Do I get excited rediscovering them?

Nah. Whatever. Sorry, Lungfish.

Hop Along, "Waitress"

Painted Shut appeared on a lot of year-end lists in 2015, and deservedly so. There's nothing revolutionary about it, but it's very well done, and there's always room in my world for quality rock.

Mephiskapheles, "Break Your Ankle Punk"

As I've had occasion to say a few times, I'll never understand how Mephiskapheles turned out as interesting as they were. This is just a very strange song, and it's great. The world needs more shit like this around.

Joshua Buergel
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