Five Songs, 3/5/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/5/2018


Labradford, "Sliding Glass"

More of Labradford's drone-y version of post-rock, with that lovely build up during the song.

The Mad Lads, "Whatever Hurts You"

No, this isn't actually a Motown song, this is actually from Stax, from 1968 even. Usually, it's easier to spot which label we're dealing with.

Frankly, the fact that a band appearing on here called "The Mad Lads" turned out to be old soul and not some fifth-tier third-wave ska band is a massive upset.

christian fitness, "the tides & jabs of staying hairy"

This kind of sounds a little like a Rick Rubin track for a little bit. I'm OK with that! And, of course, Andrew Falkous sounds deranged on top of it. This is working for me, basically.

(NB: this song is at 14:23 in the linked video.)

Rapeman, "Marmoset"

Hell yes, I love this song. Albini's little narration during the breakdown always kills me. And jesus, listen to Washam and Sims go!

Fifteen, "Separation 2"

Closing out the day with some classic Bay Area punk pop. You done well today, shuffle. Take the day off tomorrow. NAW FORGET THAT MORE SONGS SHUFFLE

Joshua Buergel
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