Five Songs, 3/6/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/6/2018

Kind of a mess today.

Negativland, "Proud To Be An American (Lip-Sync)"

Yes, we've hit a new low here. This live track is mostly Negativland lip-syncing to this song, which of course, we can't see. Five Songs International apologizes for the inconvenience.

Crystalized Movements, "Close Your Eyes"

And let's follow that up with 9+ minutes of psychedelic guitar wankery. The biggest problem the Crystallized Movements always had was that their vocals were mixed weird, often far too high in the mix. Also, this album has some of the worst cover art ever inflicted on the record buying public.

Basically, we're off to a roaring start here.

Broken Social Scene, "Lover's Spit"

I always get Broken Social Scene confused in my head with Pretty Girls Make Graves, even though they don't sound a damn thing like one another. Anyway, I only have this one album (You Have It In People), which everybody seems to like. But, I sort of don't remember much about it. This song is pretty good, though.

The Sunshine Fix, "Age Of The Sun"

I like the warped guitar bit in the middle of this song. Uh, how's that for insight?

matt pond PA, "Athabasca"

Always pleased for matt pond PA to show up here, although I'm not sure it really rescues today's playlist.

Joshua Buergel
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