Five Songs, 3/4/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/4/2022

Touché Amoré, "Just Exist"

I sometimes find screamo to be a little bit tiring. Musically, it's my jam, but the vocals wear me out sometimes. This seems like a stupid thing for someone who listens to as much metal with vocals that sounds like someone caught something important in a home appliance. But I am very stupid, so here we are.

Luscious Jackson, "LP Retreat"

You know, if Luscious Jackson had made this record another fifteen years later, I'll bet they would have found a much bigger audience. It sounds pretty ahead of its time, and I'm not sure people in 1994 really knew what to make of it.

Phoenix, "Lost and Found"

Prior to their breakthrough record, It's Never Been Like That laid down the path that would lead them to their fame: super crisp, modern sounding rock with a crowd-pleasing steady beat. It's a winning formula, and I'm certainly not immune to its charms, even if it's kind of junk food.

Pavement, "Black Out"

Pavement is one of those bands where I'm so familiar with all of their stuff that I can and often do re-rate their records in my brain. Often this is just a mental trick to go spend some quality time with a record: I convince myself that it's their worst album, think "that can't be right", and then spend a bunch of time listening to it.

So, Wowee Zowee. I made the mistake of mentioning my current, bogus mental list out loud on a Discord, and everybody made fun of me for saying it's my least favorite. And so I listened to it a bunch, and yeah: I'm an idiot, part 1,080. Obviously, Terror Twilight is their worst record, even though it's very good.

Grandaddy, "Now It's On"

Not now, Grandaddy!

Joshua Buergel
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