Five Songs, 3/5/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/5/2022

Germs, "Shut Down (Annihilation Man)"

An outlier on the one and only Germs LP, (GI), this is a live track that is triple the length of anything else on the record. A loose wander of a song, it's all sneer and skronk, without a whole lot of direction. But the Germs were never really about having a point, so it fits in just fine.

Joey Bada$$, "Christ Conscious"

It's impossible to not nod your head along here. I tried, I've done the science.

Badly Drawn Boy, "Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind"

After a string of records that I quite liked, Born in the U.K. was David Gough's first misfire to my ears. It's not that he really changed directions radically or anything, but fewer of the songs quite catch me, and it all seems so much more burdened with orchestration which can obscure the underlying tunes. This would be a better song with a more stripped down arrangement.

The Du-Rites, "Can't Buy Groove"

I wish I could buy groove. That would be nice!

The Minutemen, "The Big Foist"

I don't think they were really part of the same scene or anything, but it's pretty remarkable that a very broadly constituted LA hardcore scene could produce two bands as far apart as the Germs and the Minutemen and still have people mostly categorize them as the same kind of music.

Joshua Buergel
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