Five Songs, 3/6/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/6/2022

Madlib, "Pyramids (Change)"

This is from Beat Konducta, Volume 1 & 2: Movie Scenes, a record intended as a soundtrack to a non-existant movie as well as a companion piece to J Dilla's revered Donuts. The thing that makes it a little different from Madlib's usual work is that there are a lot of vocal samples, helping give it a little more of that cinematic feel. Among Madlib's instrumental work, it's not my favorite, but everything he does is interesting.

Buzzcocks, "Certain Move"

I wonder what the longest time period is between a band's first album and releasing a self-titled record. The Buzzcocks here have our first entry, a robust 25 years. I can't think of a longer stretch off the top of my head.

Ihsahn, "A Grave Inversed"

I'm a sucker for a saxophone lustily honking over an aggressive song. There's just something so comical about it, it really tickles me. There's an inescapable circus feeling to it, no matter how much the saxophonist tries to skronk it up.

J-Zone, "Zodiac"

Lesse, we had J-Zone yesterday on the Du-Rites, and we have Madlib today, who had a helium-voiced alter ego, Quasimoto. So, combine those, and you have J-Zone's helium-voiced alter ego, Chief Chinchilla, who he used a bunch on Live at the Liquor Sto, a collection of fake jingles for malt liquors. Sometimes things rhyme around here, you know? Anyway, I really like this album, it's absolutely absurd, but it knows that so it's fun.

Black Moth Super Rainbow, "Gold Splatter"

Kind of a fun list today!

Joshua Buergel
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