Five Songs, 3/5/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/5/2021

Green Day, "Basket Case"

I know they became clownish and bad, and that continuing to like them is evidence of creeping Boomerism, but I don't care, this album rules and this song rules.

Yves Tumor, "Romanticist"

I had my annual tour through the year end album lists a month or so ago, and this Yves Tumor album was one of the big winners. It's very good! I'm not sure what I was expecting from a band named Yves Tumor, but I don't think it was this. Among other things, Yves Tumor isn't a band, it's a person. Anyway, excellent album.

Sleepyhead, "Fairyboat"

I've complained a little bit that the name of this Sleepyhead album (Punk Rock City USA) is misapplied, but this is a nice punk jam right here.

Choker Campbell's Big Band, "Come See About Me"

Choker Campbell led Motown's live band, who backed up a bunch of huge acts when out on the road. He was eventually given an album of his own, and this cut was released as a single. It's an instrumental cover of the Supremes' massive hit, and without the vocals, it's just not really the same. It's still good in this version, of course, but it's not great.

Spawn of Possession, "Bodiless Sleeper"

I really should have some kind of cooldown period when we get a Motown track before we get something like tech death. I'd apologize, but you all knew what you were getting into.

Joshua Buergel
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