Five Songs, 3/6/2019
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/6/2019


The Beatles, "Two Of Us"

This is from the Let It Be...Naked reissue that was put out in 2003, where they (I assume mostly Paul) revisited the songs and stripped away most of the Phil Spector stuff. It's most noticable on the songs that originally had all those strings, but overall, it's a superior version of the album, as it lets the songs shine through more and just has less farting around on it.

Death Cab For Cutie, "New Candles"

You Can Play These Songs With Chords is a grab bag of rarities and leftovers that was released right as the band was starting to get big. As almost always, this is only for hardcore fans looking for more. I don't entirely know why I have it. This is a good tune, though, pretty stripped down and straightforward.

Hockey Night, "Angel Hair"

In the wake of Pavement becoming a big deal, there were a lot of bands that clearly were following in their footsteps, some more shameless than others, but maybe none as shameless as Hockey Night. I mean, come ON people.

The Skatalites, "You're Wondering Now"

This comes from Hi-Bop Ska, an album that the Skatalites recorded in 1994 after the third wave revived interest in ska. This song in particular is better known from The Specials, but is an older Jamaican song that both the Skatalites and the Specials were covering.

Travis, "The Fear"

I don't remember getting this! Allmusic tells me that they are a Scottish band, playing a melodic take on Britpop, whatever that means. All I know is, I don't remember listening to this before. Eh, I've heard worse.

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