Five Songs, 3/8/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 3/8/2022

John Oswald, "Btls (Marco Integer)"

Chopping up the Beatles is really playing with fire, copyright-wise. It's powerful source material, of course, so I'm glad he went for it. But you know, there's a reason this stuff was so hard to find for a while.

The Minders, "Now I Can Smile"

An Elephant Six band, the Minders were very much, uh, an Elephant Six band. I mean, you can hear them. They were pretty good at it, but it's kind of...I guess I'd rather just listen to the Kinks instead?

Step Brothers, "Draw Something"

The Step Brothers are Evidence from the Dilated Peoples and the Alchemist, who has worked with a ton of folks, including producing some work by Dilated Peoples. After a Dilated Peoples track appeared in the movie "Step Brothers", the duo decided to work together and put out an album in 2014 under that name. If you like either of these folks, you'll like this album as well, it's a fine piece of work.

Merle Haggard, "It's All In The Movies"

This little ballad isn't his best work, it's kind of a trifle.

Young Fresh Fellows, "Let The Good Times Crawl"

A thing that I actually think about a lot doing these is that I'm totally happy with and enthusiastic about garage rock from any and all comers, and I won't sit here and bitch about them not being the Sonics or MC5 or whatever. But indie pop bands, I get all judgy and hell, you just read what I wrote about the Minders. I'm not sure why my tolerance for minor variation in garage rock is infinite but my patience wears so thin with pop rock. It's a mystery!

Joshua Buergel
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