Five Songs, 4/1/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/1/2022

The Decemberists, "The Perfect Crime #2"

My favorite Decemberists album really rotates around quite a bit, but it's usually between this one, Her Majesty The Decemberists, and Picaresque. I suspect that if I could listen to all three with fresh ears with my current musical preferences, that I might land on this one permanently, as the most elaborate of the three.

Black Milk, "Deion's House"

Black Milk is known for being as good on the mic as behind the boards, but this song actually has an outside producer on it. Still an excellent track, and this album across the board is outstanding.

The For Carnation, "Being Held"

Another band far down on the Squirrel Bait family tree, The For Carnation is a project of Brian McMahan (who was also in Slint), along with a rotating set of musicians. It's a much more contemplative band, as I suppose you can tell, but retains the same sense of drama that infused Slint's work. They only put out two records, but are worth pursuing if you're exploring that entire family of bands.

Fugazi, "Afterthought"

This is from Instrument Soundtrack, the black sheep of Fugazi's discography. It's the soundtrack to Instrument, a documentary that the band worked on, and it's mostly just bits and pieces of ephemera from their career rather than anything coherent. Truthfully, I don't really listen to it much.

Channels, "The Licensee"

Yup, that's J Robbins, in yet another of his short-lived post-Jawbox projects. Channels, a trio including his wife Janet Morgan, only put out this one record, but it's a good one. It's not as good as the two Burning Airlines records, but it's still a solid chunk of post-hardcore.

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