Five Songs, 4/2/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/2/2022

Lambchop, "The New Cobweb Summer"

Aw, I just want to enjoy this. I'm not going to say anything!

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "She Said"

Plastic Fang is an album that feels a little bit unfocused to me. They're experimenting with tweaks to their formula in a few different ways on the album, and I'm not sure it all totally works out. But that said, Spencer still writes some bangers on it, and this is one of the highlights of the record. Just a roaring groove in the mold of Orange.

Andrew Bird, "Capsized"

I've mentioned it before, but on Are You Serious?, Andrew Bird is actually kind of getting groovy. In some of his early work, you might hear a little of this, but only a little, and nothing like what you hear on this tune. Pretty good!

The Wedding Present, "Real Thing"

The final album from the first incarnation of the Wedding Present did genuinely feel a little like the end of an era. Gedge had gone from furiously frustrated to plain ol' furious to wearily frustrated across the previous records, but now kinda sounded a little bit tired. As a result, it's my least favorite of the five proper albums from their first go around, although it's still a good record.

The Violent Femmes, "I Hate The TV"

Add It Up (1981-1993) is a comp collecting not just tracks from their records of that era, but miscellaneous singles and non-album stuff. Like a lot of records in this vein, it's a mess, but there's plenty of good songs on here even beyond their well-known tracks.

Joshua Buergel
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