Five Songs, 4/3/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/3/2022

They Might Be Giants, "Experimental Film"

The Spine is a very elaborate album from TMBG. The production is really lush and layered, and it pays off in songs like this one. As the years go on, I actually end up appreciating this album more and more.

Idylls, "Fagged Out On The Beach"

Just a little transitional track here, not a ton to say about it.

Crystalized Movements, "The Second a Siren"

The production on This Wideness Comes is like an extra member of the band. There's something about the way the fuzz and compression interacts with the band that gives it a distinctive feel. I think it's the separation of the vocals from the rest of the band that is part of it, it almost sounds like two different recordings.

Cinerama, "And When She Was Bad"

We had the final (pre-reforming) Wedding Present record yesterday, and here we have Gedge in his final (pre-reforming) Cinerama record. Unlike Saturnalia, I don't think he was out of steam or anything, he just resumed making records without Sally Murrell and so the original moniker came back.

The Sound Stylistics, "Back on the Streets"

Fuck yeah, man! Mocambo, the record label run by the Mighty Mocambos, put out a series of funk 45s and later collected this on this comp. And it goes so hard, y'all. It was tough finishing listening to this, actually, so much smoke was pouring out of my headphones.

Joshua Buergel
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