Five Songs, 4/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/12/2021

The Flaming Lips, "Once Beyond Hopelessness"

This is from the Lips' Christmas On Mars, the soundtrack to their movie project, and it's very much a soundtrack. As a result, it feels disconnected when you're just listening to it, and it doesn't really do a whole lot for me. The Lips can sometimes tend towards the abstract to begin with, and this album goes very far in that direction.

Arrested Development, "People Everyday"

This was the huge Arrested Development hit, featuring a hook borrowed from Sly and the Family Stone and a fun storytelling vibe. This album was huge, driven by this single, and then got completed wiped out by Dr. Dre taking gangsta rap to the top of the charts with The Chronic. At the time, critics lamented that this album represented a path not taken, but I think that really erases the direciton rap had already been heading. So instead, this is just kind of a footnote.

Quasi, "I Never Want To See You Again"

Fuck yeah!

King Crimson, "I Talk To The Wind"

I tell you what, Plex loves this record. Plex is an old fart at heart, apparently. Plex has a lot of opinions about Marillion.

The Rolling Stones, "No Expectations"

See! Total old fart shit here.

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