Five Songs, 4/11/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/11/2021

Son Lux, "Change is Everything"

Ryan Lott's project Son Lux went from a one-man project to recording as a full band on Bones, and the resulting input of two more people has resulted in a more expansive and interesting album to me than the previous ones. There's a lot of this that kind of gives off Flaming Lips vibes, honestly.

Uzeda, "What I Meant When I Called Your Name"

Noise rock out of Sicily, Uzeda have been active for 28 years and made only four albums and an EP in that time, a blistering pace that even Shellac have managed to best. Well, whatever, those albums are pretty excellent.

Jeff Rosenstock, "Festival Song"

WORRY. is my favorite Jeff Rosenstock record, including his work with Bomb The Music Industry. He's never made a bad record, of course, but this one is just perfect from back to front. I mean, listen to this tune. I hope I make something this good one day (I will not).

Dr. Dre, "Let Me Ride"

One of my favorite beats Dre has ever done.

Fake Limbs, "An Inconvenience"

I'm not entirely sure where I found out about this band. But it's very much my shit. Sounds kind of like Hammerhead a little.

Yes, I do do the thing where I say one band sounds like a different one nobody listens to. No, it's not on purpose, that's just how I work. Sorry folks!

Joshua Buergel
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