Five Songs, 4/14/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/14/2021


Happy birthday, Five Songs! Four years ago, I kicked this thing off. If I'm counting properly, this is entry 776. At least. It's possible I missed a tag or two somewhere. That's 3,880 songs! Approximately! Because I'm sure I've missed duplicates somewhere. But I did do 26 songs from the Melvins, which helps make up for it.

Anyway! It's come and gone a bit, and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up the updating every day pace. But I thank everybody who has tuned in to one of these, who has commented here or on Twitter, and just generally said kind words. It's very appreciated when it's acknowledged that somebody besides me is paying any attention. So thank you! And on to the tunes!

Treepeople, "Andy Warhol"

You can definitely hear some of the flourishes that would find their way into Built to Spill songs in this tune. Some of the little guitar runs would fit in just fine on some of the early BtS records.

The Heptones, "I Love You"

The Heptones were one of the bands that helped shape rocksteady, ska's slower cousin and the missing link between ska and reggae. This is their first album, for Studio One, and it's a banger. It's hard not to be totally charmed by this.

Shellac, "Steady As She Goes"

This is the live version from 2019's The End of Radio, which captures the band performing two different Peel Sessions. The first was from very early in their career, and the second was just a few weeks after John Peel had passed away. This is from that later session, and it provides a different sound than the studio recording that is a nice change of pace.

Joy Division, "New Dawn Fades"

It's essentially impossible for me to listen to Joy Division with clean ears. They're tied so thoroughly to a certain time of my life that they carry an entire context with them. It's honestly kind of a strange idea to sit down and just listen to this record at this point.

Dark Time Sunshine, "Little or No Concern"

Seattle rap duo Dark Time Sunshine is a group that got me on board with the phrase "Seattle rap duo". I'm enough of a homer that I'll give anything from around here a chance. Pretty good stuff! I only have this album, and I should probably fix it.

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