Five Songs, 4/15/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/15/2021


Happy birthday to me! I'm...more than 4 years old.

Labradford, "S"

There's a lot I like about Labradford, and Mi Media Naranja in particular. And then it kicks of with "S", that beautiful reverbed out guitar...and then you get that high pitched tone. And it drives me crazy. I wish it weren't there! It's unpleasant!

clown core, "flat earth"

I came across clown core through their absolutely insane videos (here's the one for "flat earth"). But honestly, this kind of thing is really right up my alley. Sure, it's avant-garde as hell, but it's also goofy, the drumming is extreme, it's noisy. Good stuff!

The Fall, "c.r.e.e.p."

Huh, I don't remember picking this one up. I periodically buy a Fall record because someone I respect will write something rhapsodic about them, and then they fall flat for me. That's how I wound up with Hex Enduction Hour and This Nation's Saving Grace. I just don't remember this one. Well, at any rate, this is one of their singles, and it's pretty good.

Imperial Triumphant, "Gotham Luxe"

Imperial Triumphant is one of those experimental extreme metal bands who cheerfully wander all over the metal map, using the bits they want and throwing everything into a blender. It keeps their records pretty interesting, and I like them quite a bit. This is from 2018's Vile Luxury, one of the best metal records from that year.

Quicksand, "Fazer"

Awww yeah, always happy to hear Quicksand!

Joshua Buergel
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