Five Songs, 4/15/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/15/2018

Meanwhile, happy birthday to me! I'm going to see what shuffle got me.

Steady Earnest, "Rumors"

From Take It! Take It! TAKE IT!, this is a great horn line in this song. I'm OK with my present so far, shuffle!

KC Bowman, "Matterhorn"

We've had a couple of Lawsuit songs recently, and now KC Bowman will make more sense. You can really hear the similarity in the songs (Bowman was one of the songwriters of Lawsuit). I do miss the rest of the band, but I'm happy that Bowman made another album.

Mudhoney, "Blinding Sun"

I remember being really disappointed with Piece of Cake when it came out. My tastes were running towards the heavier, noisier, and grittier end of the spectrum at the time. Meanwhile, Mudhoney seemed to be taking a conscious step more towards the garage rock end of things. It's an album that I enjoy more now than when it came out, for sure. And it's not like there aren't still some of those classic grunge elements to the album to enjoy as well.

Xasthur, "Possession"

One of the things about the modern metal scene is the existence of a bunch of one man bands in a way you seldom see in other categories of rock. But, because so many metal fans enjoy really complex compositions, studio wizardry is an accepted part of the genre, and it permits space for individual weirdos to see their vision through entirely on their own. Xasthur is one of those weirdos, putting out a series of albums that draw from black metal with a bunch of symphonic elements to it. I've got a couple of his albums, and whie I'm not totally convinced by them, I appreciate that they're out there.

The Apples in Stereo, "Sun Is Out"

Sometimes, the Apples in Stereo DON'T sound like the Beatles. Sometimes, they sound like Guided By Voices.

Joshua Buergel
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