Five Songs, 4/7/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/7/2018

Another good one today!

Belle & Sebastian, "I Fought In A War"

Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant was Belle & Sebastian's first real misstep as a band. Stuart Murdoch ceded a lot of songwriting control to the rest of the band, and the results were not super inspiring. There are some highlights on the record, and I still like it, but there are also too many so-so songs on the album. This song, the opener, is one of the highlights though.

Royal Headache, "High"

There's something very The Jam about this song. And, Royal Headache is a very good name for a band.

Polyrhythmics, "Goldie's Road"

Another track from Seattle's instrumental soul/funk act Polyrhythmics. This comes from Caldera, an excellent record, released last year.

Lawsuit, "Useless Flowers"

This is the song they released as a single, anchoring an excellent five song EP. This is a good demonstration of how Paul Sykes could sound desperate while still being backed up by such a bright sounding band.

Stevie Wonder, "Jesus Children Of America"

From Innervisions, an album from right in the middle of his unearthly early 70s tear. Listen to that funk! Goddamn.

Joshua Buergel
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