Five Songs, 4/6/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/6/2018

Today's music.

Algiers, "untitled"

The last track from their self-titled debut album from a few years ago, Algiers combined furious post-punk with a whole host of other influences, fusing into a wholly original album. It was one of the very best albums of 2015, and proof that there were still surprises left in rock (of course, I've always thought that). They followed it up with another great album a couple years later, and are one of the bands that I really hope keeps going for a while. Hopefully we'll hear plenty from them around here as well.

The Blue Meanies, "Vote No"


The Pietasters, "What I Do"

I think it's kind of impressive how quickly Stephen Jackson's voice went from a big asset for The Pietasters to a liability. He's so rough on their later albums, it's kind of tough to listen to.

JayLib, "The Official"

Yup, it's another Madlib collaboration. This time, he joined with fellow revered producer J Dilla (aka Jay Dee) to make Champion Sound. As you'd expect from two top notch producers, the beats are on point. Madlib is decent on the mic, but J Dilla is a little rough. Nevertheless, this is a strong album.

Pitchblende, "Discoskull"

From Kill Atom Smasher, this is sounding more than a little Gang of Four. Which is a-ok! There are so many forgotten bands from the early 90s kicking around in this collection, it's nice for them to pop up like this.

Joshua Buergel
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