Five Songs, 4/8/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/8/2018


Jurassic 5, "Sum Of Us"

I wish I could bottle the first verse of this song, just so I could always have it handy when I need it. Just, absolutely nailed.

Isaac Hayes & David Porter, "Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)"

Here we have Isaac Hayes really sounding a lot like what I think people think of when they think "Isaac Hayes". Well, OK, most people probably think of "Theme From Shaft". But beyond that, the song in their head probably sounds like this. This is from pretty late in the Stax run, from the early 70s.

Wiseblood, "Hey Bop A Ree Bop"

Sometimes, J.G. Thirlwell would get into this kind of demented lounge singer mode. And, frankly, it was always way scarier than anything he made when he was in his howling rage mode. There's something really out there about this kind of thing. It's so deliberately ugly and uncommercial, without any aim other than to be this kind of filthy carbuncle. It's not one of those beauty-from-chaos things, it's just ugliness down to the bone. Wiseblood really tested the limits of what people would accept as music at times.

Girl Talk, "Peak Out"

Thanks to Girl Talk, today is really more like 25 Songs. Love the Pavement bit here!

One time, without thinking, I put on some Girl Talk in the car with the kids with me. I think we were about ten obscenities deep before I got around to stopping it. I guess my kids are destined to be the ones on the playground teaching others about curse words. Oh well! (Actually, that's just Marie, that's 100% something she'd do.)

Skavoovie and the Epitones, "Aquaman"

Time for some Amazon weirdness! Amazon introduced a music match feature a while ago, where they'd replace your crap-ass rips with the high quality MP3s from their own library. Automatically! Thanks Amazon! Well, the feature didn't work flawlessly. One problem is that they replaced a bunch of my normal rap tracks with the clean versions. Which is totally unacceptable. I might have complained about it before, but whatever. But, sometimes things got more surreal. For instance, this song. It should have been a big, fat, nonsensical third-wave track. Skavoovie were pretty good, thanks to that juicy horn section (dig the euphonium!). Somehow, Amazon decided "naaaah" and swapped it out for some spoken word piece. In another language (Hebrew?). It's not really the same thing, Amazon. I posted it at the end of the playlist today for your enjoyment.

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