Five Songs, 4/18/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/18/2018

We finish on a couple of great notes here.

They Might Be Giants, "B19 Spare The Rock (bumper)"

It's a bumper that was included with a Dial-a-Song download package. Not much else to say.

Descendents, "Coffee Mug"

And this song from the Descendents isn't a whole lot longer than that bumper! The Descendents were fueled by coffee, including what they called the "bonus cup", described by Bill Stevenson: "We took ⅓ of a cup of instant coffee grounds, added some hot water, threw in about 5 spoonfuls of sugar, and proceeded to play 10 second songs. The Bonus Cup became a part of everyday Descendents life".

Green Day, "Nice Guys Finish Last"

I never really got on that well with Nimrod. It sort of showed diminishing returns compared to the previous couple albums, and it just didn't seem to really do anything new. Of course, it turned out to be huge, thanks to "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)", but I've always considered the album a mid-career low point. Up until the post-American Idiot albums, it was the worst thing they'd done.

Robbie Hill's Family Affair, "I Just Want To Be (Like Myself)"

Another track from the Wheedle's Groove compilation, and just listen to this! Goddamn. I'm so pleased that there are multiple labels out there dedicated to finding and releasing old soul gems.

Superchunk, "The Question Is How Fast"

This is such a majestic song, off of On The Mouth, an album I'm never going to get tired of listening to. This song just soars, I love it so much. If my memory serves, this was released as a single prior to the album's release (shuffle actually pulled up the single), which got me super excited for the album.

Joshua Buergel
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