Five Songs, 4/19/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/19/2021

At The Drive-In, "Pattern Against User"

At The Drive-In is probably best known for one of their successor bands, the Mars Volta, but they also totally ruled. They were less prog-y than the Mars Volta, with more post-hardcore and straight up punk going on. But despite being more conventional, that doesn't at all mean that the songs were uninteresting. This is from my favorite album by them, Relationship of Command, their final album (before the 2017 reunion).

The New York Citizens, "Shut Up And Listen"

The New York Citizens were a band that kind of lived in-between the second and third waves of ska, putting out their music in the late 80s and early 90s before breaking up. Their stuff was later mostly collected on a compilation called The Truth About the New York Citizens, which caught the fans of the third wave up on them. In terms of sound, they really more resemble the second wave folks like the English Beat, with plenty of pop and new wave in their sound as well as more traditional ska sounds. It's a fun record and kind of a time capsule back to some sounds that you mostly just don't hear any more.

Yndi Halda, "Golden Threads From The Sun"

Post-rock is mostly known for slow builds as a genre, and Yndi Halda took that to an extreme by waiting a full decade before they got around to releasing their second record, Under Summer. When it arrived, it sure enough was post-rock, but tacking more towards the pastoral end of things rather than the louder end. It's pleasant enough, although not my favorite.

Labradford, "wien"

I was complaining about that noise on that last Labradford track, so it's nice of shuffle to give us a non-annoying Labradford track. Kind of slow-on-slow today, though.

Roc Raida, "Caller Trying To Win Tickets"

Well, a rap skit. Whatever. We're done here today!

Joshua Buergel
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