Five Songs, 4/22/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/22/2021

Eddie Floyd, "Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You've Been)"

We Love Song Titles (With Parentheticals)!

The Books, "Smells Like Content"

Can I engage in some old-fart bloviating? Of course I can, nobody else has the password to this site so nobody can stop me! The labeling of all videos as just "content" is really unfortunate. It signals a commodification of creative work that only serves the massive aggregators that control what we see, and yet people have willingly adopted the nomenclature. And lumping together criticism, reviews, buying guides, how-tos, and everything else together as just a homogonized slurry doesn't even help viewers find what they want. I hate it!

Dam-Funk, "Somewhere, Someday"

Well, sorry about that. Please, by way of apology, enjoy some smooth synth funk. I chose it for you myself! (I had nothing to do with choosing it.)

Black Eyes, "Dums"

I always used to get Black Eyes confused with Black Dice, even though they're not the same thing at all. Anyway, Black Eyes are from DC, and played a kind of post-hardcore/art-punk kind of thing that borrows heavily both from bands like Fugazi, but also from people like Girls Against Boys in the danceability and maybe some of the experimentation of people like Liars and Nation of Ulysses. This is from their second record (Cough), and this song in particular has a very Nation of Ulysses feel.

Mark Eitzel, "Move On Up"

It's disorienting to hear Mark Eitzel (of American Music Club) with such an uptempo song. With horns! Very strange.

Joshua Buergel
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