Five Songs, 4/22/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/22/2022

Mule, "I'm Hell"

Hi Hell, I'm Dad.

Cannibal Ox, "Iron Galaxy"

It's difficult to overstate how much this album sounded like the future when it came out. And while it sort of does represent a path not taken in hip-hop, at least by the mainstream, I suppose it did eventually find full flower with El-P's work with Run the Jewels.

Atmosphere, "Stopwatch"

Mi Vida Local, Atmosphere's 2018 record, continues their pattern of staying in the realm of the personal. Slug continues to mostly contemplate and explore his life in his lyrics. Supporting that, Ant's production relies more and more on live instrumentation, giving again a more organic feel to things. It's a decent album, but I'm not sure it stands out from their other 2010s work.

Bomb the Music Industry!, "Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin'"

The opener to Scrambles, featuring that move where it sounds like the band suddenly snaps into focus, but we don't really get that until the second track. So, this kind of feels like half of a song. Oh well!

Atmosphere, "Lovelife"

Well, I suppose Slug has always talked about his life, huh? Well, fuck it, you can just listen to what 16 years sounds like, I suppose.

Joshua Buergel
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