Five Songs, 4/23/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/23/2022

Joe Lally, "Day Is Born"

The first track to Lally's second record, giving a good idea of what sort of bass-forward tunes you can expect to hear from him. If you've listened to Fugazi's instrumentals, you'll have a decent picture in mind also, even though Lally does sing.

House of Lightning, "James Brown"

Part of the Floor family tree, House of Lightning shares members with Floor and, as you can hear, aesthetics. If you're looking for more stuff in that vein, of really big riffs and melodies and some clean singing, you're in the right spot.

Edna's Goldfish, "Veronica Sawyer"

When people say they hate ska, this is what they're picturing - a sort of by-the-numbers punk/ska, something that was just everywhere in the late 90s. And yeah, this is awfully forgettable, I'm not going to mount much of a defense here.

The Miracles, "Mickey's Monkey"

What can you say about Smokey Robinson, even on a trifle like this, he still sounds so damn good.

PUP, "Free At Last"

Stefan Babcock is a genius at writing choruses that sound cathartic, even when they're still downers. The magic trick of sounding uplifting and like a giant bummer at the same time is an incredible one. Like popping a truffle in your mouth just to discover it's stuffed with marmite.

Joshua Buergel
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