Five Songs, 4/24/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/24/2022

Richie Hawtin, "Aliens Don't Boogie"

I'm never really sure how to credit this record. It's Richie Hawtin putting together a mix record, so do I credit him? Or the artist that did the original track? I choose the former on purely utilitarian grounds, which is that if anybody listening to this wants to hear more, they're going to do better looking up Hawtin than they will the original artist (Thor, in this case. Not the Norse god.)

Nothing, "ACD (Abcessive Compulsive Disorder)"

Philadelphia's Nothing went more shoegaze on their second album, producing something that absolutely would have fit in alongside the first wave of shoegaze bands just fine. It's certainly a pleasant listen, although shoegaze isn't really my genre.

Gastr del Sol, "The Seasons Reverse"

Camoufleur opens with this track, a jittery little song that's about as conventional of a rock song as Gastr del Sol made. Which means blurting trumpet, twitchy drums, and two minutes of languid coda.

Less Than Jake, "You're the One That I Want"

A friend got really upset one time when I put on this EP of covers from "Grease". I honestly couldn't tell if she was just annoyed at the smirky stuff (which would be fair enough) or if she was genuinely pissed at the sacrilege of some dumb punk band covering these songs. She really loved that movie! Anyway, since I don't actually care about the movie, I spun this EP a couple times and then filed it away.

Johnny Socko, "Save Yourself"

Well, bit of a mess today, but this is a cheerful little tune.

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