Five Songs, 4/26/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/26/2018

All rock today.

Jonathan Coulton, "Glasses"

Every now and again, I just sieze when a song comes on. I just have nothing to say. I like this song! I like this album! But, uh, here it is.

A.C. Newman, "All Of My Days And All Of My Days Off"

We've had Carl Newman before, with the New Pornographers and Zumpano, but here he is recording under his own name. And, frankly, it pretty much just sounds like the New Pornographers, but with less Neko Case.

Voodoo Glow Skulls, "Construction"

Some more hardcore-with-horns from the Voodoo Glow Skulls.

Steakdaddy Six, "Bionic"

Oh yeah, it's obscure 90s noise rock band time again! Steakdaddy Six came out of the same Champaign-Urbana scene as the Poster Children, and put out two very good albums on a couple different labels. The thing that made Steakdaddy Six unusual was that they featured two drummers, a rarity among rock bands and one that is best experienced with headphones, as they put them into different channels.

The Paper Tulips, "Portugese Bend"

And now an early 90s band so obscure that even I don't really remember them! Apparently I picked up the album Baker's Dozen at some point, and I usually remember all this crap from that time. Who knows!

Joshua Buergel
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