Five Songs, 4/25/2018
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/25/2018


BIG|BRAVE, "Look At How The World Has Made A Change"

Au De La, the album by BIG|BRAVE that we're listening to, is an odd beast. Mostly drone, kind of post-rock, sort of metal-y, it's atmospheric and pounding and pretty different from most stuff out there. It's not the kind of thing I always want to listen to, but it's good stuff at times.

Claw Hammer, "The Spawning Of A New Error"

We're discussed how Claw Hammer made their first album a full-length cover of Devo's first album. Well, this is the first track on that album, before they launched into the thing. It kind of describes the idea. Oh, and they called it Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are NOT Devo!.

The Streets, "Not Addicted"

The Streets is Mike Skinner, who made a series of albums of tunes like this. Over electronic garage tracks, he half-rapped and half-sung and half-talked his way through a series of stories of regular life for a regular British bloke. This comes from his second album, A Grand Don't Come For Free, which while not quite as sharp as his first album, is still excellent.

Wire, "Lowdown"

Hell yeah, let's keep that accent going! Here, Wire is in a bit of a slower mood, showing that they can do more than the taut, slash-and-burn punk that we've heard before.

Johnnie Taylor, "I Could Never Be President"

A late model Stax song here, notable for the total lack of drums.

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