Five Songs, 4/26/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/26/2021

The Emotions, "I Could Never Be Happy"

Late period Stax single here, which you can hear in that much more 70s funk sound. And of course, the production at this point is much richer than some of the earlier stuff.

The Slackers, "Feed My Girl Ska"

This comes from the 2007 album Boss Harmony Sessions, which is sort of a bit of an odd record from them. They have some originals, some arrangements of other people's songs, and some songs written by other folks from the band than Vic Ruggiero. It's tied together with an intro and outro by "Boss Harmony", which I think is one of King Django's (Skinnerbox) many aliases. At any rate, the Slackers are great, so this is a pleasant listen, but it's not one of their top tier records.

Ghostface Killah, "Holla"

There's something so totally brazen about Ghostface's approach on this song. There's no attempt to hide that this is the Delfonics here, and he just raps over the top of the regular lyrics. It's totally delightful, and then to have it merge back on the chorus, it's magical. This is something that only someone as confident as Ghostface could pull off.

Steel Pole Bath Tub, "The 500 Club"

The major labels really were willing to sign every single underground heavy band in the mid-90s, and the frenzy reached Steel Pole Bath Tub for their 1995 release, Scars From Falling Down. It's baffling, because they were never really that big even in the underground, even though they put out some excellent records. At any rate, it's certainly cleanly produced, and it's a decent song, but it's not quite as manic and frantic as their previous work, so it's doesn't quite stand out.

The Flaming Lips, "Fight Test"

OK, so, compare this track with the Black Moth Super Rainbow yesterday. Same production!

Joshua Buergel
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