Five Songs, 4/28/2022
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/28/2022

Death From Above 1979, "Black History Month (Josh Homme remix)"

After the explosive success of You're A Woman, I'm A Machine, a remix record was hustled out the door. I didn't realize it was a remix record, I just saw it in Sonic Boom here in Seattle and thought "neat, a new DFA record!" Friends, it wasn't a new record, not really, and is as pointless as any other remix record.

T.I., "I'm Straight"

I know I just did this, but...hi Straight, I'm Five Songs.

Phoenix, "1901"

You know, I've listened to Girl Talk so much that I just expect this song to have Ludacris bellowing on it nowadays. More things should have Ludacris over the top of them, frankly.

Supernova, "King Ding Dong"

Supernova's 1998 release, Rox, is one of the last Amphetamine Reptile Records releases before they went into hibernation, and it seems like nobody really paid any attention to it. It doesn't appear to exist in Rate Your Music, for example. Is it good? Well, I wish I could say it's a lost gem, but it's just OK. Not that you can tell from this 12 second thing.

Cut Chemist, "Lesson 4: The Radio"

Tear it up, Cut Chemist! I love old radio stuff getting cut together, it's always enjoyable to me for some reason.

Joshua Buergel
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