Five Songs, 4/5/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/5/2021

Killdozer, "New Pants and Shirt"

This is the opener of Twelve Point Buck, a pounding exercise in downtempo noise that really is a statement of purpose for the band. It can be a bit much in extended doses, and my copy of this album is actually a double album with Little Baby Buntin', which is a lot of Killdozer at once.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, "Bellbottoms"

Extra Width was truly mind expanding for me, a record that I played over and over, and one of the sole things that kept me sane during one stretch of a summer job that involved pulling staples from telephone poles 40 hours a week for an entire month. And when I got Orange, slapped it on, and this thing melted my face? I couldn't believe that they managed to top it. Thank YOU very much, JSBX!

Sebadoh, "Emma Get Wild"

Sure, whatever Sebadoh. I recommend going back and listening to "Bellbottoms" again.

Jay-Z, "Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)"

The Blueprint is one of the highlights of Jay-Z's career because it brought Kanye West and Just Blaze to the forefront, and they made the record sound really fresh. At this point, we're all super used to Kanye's style, so this doesn't sound anywhere as exciting, but at the time, it was really something else.

Ed Hall, "Scam Cobliber"

Ed Hall were a noise rock band operating in Texas in the late 80s and early 90s, largely working in the shadow of the Butthole Surfers. They even wound up on Trance Syndicate, the label run by the Surfers. This album, Gloryhole, is pretty good, but unless you're really into noise rock, probably can be skipped.

Joshua Buergel
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