Five Songs, 4/7/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 4/7/2021

Nirvana, "About A Girl"

"About A Girl" might be the song on Bleach that would best fit in on Nevermind, which makes it a little surprising that it didn't get a single release at the time. It did eventually make it out as a single, but from the Unplugged album.

Modest Mouse, "Fire It Up"

This is one of the standout songs on We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, inasmuch as it's one of the few songs on that record that my brain will occasionally just call up out of nowhere. That's the real mark of quality, after all.

Future of the Left, "Arming Eritrea"

The whole "vocals and drums" thing is a bit that Future of the Left have pulled on several songs, and it always rules. Such a quality move.

Young Hunter, "Children of a Hungry World"

We just had this track! SIX SONGS

Rilo Kiley, "The Good That Won't Come Out"

This sort of...distant?...kind of song shows up on indie rock albums, particularly on albums of this vintage. It's a way to change up the formula, I suppose, but mostly, they don't do a whole lot for me.

Mitochondrion, "Trials"

Been a while since we've had some good ol' death metal, this one coming to us from Vancouver-based Mitochrondrion. This kind of really murky, absurd stuff is something I only enjoy in periodic, small doses, but I do like it occasionally.

Joshua Buergel
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