Five Songs, 5/10/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/10/2021

Medeski, Martin and Wood, "Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho"

If my search is to be trusted, there are about 102 blog posts on this site indicating that I don't know shit about jazz. Sad that I'm so ignorant, given that I actually listen to a fair bit of it.

Calexico, "Black Heart"

My favorite Calexico record. If this song doesn't grab you, I'm afraid to inform you that you're hopeless.

Therapy?, "Nausea"

Therapy? was a band that kind of got tagged with an alternative metal label during the early 90s. It kind of makes sense - this isn't as gritty as grunge, and it's not robotic enough for industrial metal, but it also doesn't really have any markers of any of the genres of metal going at the time. This is from Nurse, a record that got them signed to a major label. It's a decent record, although I'll confess I haven't thought about this band in ages.

Death From Above 1979, "Blood On Our Hands"

Loud duo, woooooo!

The drum outro to this track will pop into my head randomly at times.

The Beatles, "Here Comes The Sun"

Huh, never heard of this track. Let's have a listen!

Joshua Buergel
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