Five Songs, 5/11/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/11/2021

Danny Weinkauf, "Champion of the Spelling Bee"

After the success of the They Might Be Giants kids albums, which included a few songs written by bassist Danny Weinkauf, he set out on his own and recorded a couple records in a similar vein. They're pleasant enough, but by the time they were out, I didn't really play them for the kids and so they're just kind of in my collection.

The Queers, "No Tit"


Wheat, "Closer To Mercury"

Unlike some records in this collection, I do remember picking up this record. And I remember listening to it. And I still remember nothing about the songs. This is fine, I suppose? I looked at a review of this album to pick up a little background, and the review refers to Wheat as a Toad the Wet Sprocket for the 2000s. Which is just savage.

Cthulhu Rise, "Opus 22"

An instrumental rock band that still manages to be Mythos inspired by trying to write their songs as disorienting as possible. It's a really interesting record, and I appreciate that they didn't just start singing about things being squamous or whatever.

Parquet Courts, "Mardi Gras Beads"

The 2018 Parquet Courts album, Wide Awake!, is easily their most diverse record, helped along by Danger Mouse producing it. I'm not sure all the experimentation all works, and it'll be interesting to see where their next album goes. This one seems like it's a transitional record, though.

Joshua Buergel
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