Five Songs, 5/12/2021
Five Songs

Five Songs, 5/12/2021

Polvo, "Every Holy Shround"

My current favorite burn for doofy looking middle-aged dudes who look a certain way is to say that they look like they have strong opinions about the best Archers of Loaf EP. (This is mostly a self-burn.) Anyway, I'm now currently considering updating that to the best Polvo EP, but I'm not sure that that's appropriately controversial enough (it's this one). And I just continue to burn myself.

Unsane, "Vandal-X"

I reference Unsane a lot around here when I'm talking about noise rock, because there's a certain indelible impression they make. That kind of compressed, focused, relentless attack is one that matches a bunch of bands out there. This is from Singles 89-92, a compilation that was put together after their 1991 self-titled debut made some waves. It's a worthy companion, as the singles they were putting out in this period were ferocious.

Jimi Hendrix, "Hey Joe"

Nobody needs to hear me say anything about this, so maybe some music theory instead?

The Mar-Keys, "Double or Nothing"

The Mar-Keys were the Stax house band, responsible for so many of the amazing backing tracks on the label's records. The exact membership changed a fair bit over the years, but some of the key folks would later form Booker T. and the MGs. Generally, the band was credited as the Mar-Keys if it had horns and Booker T. and the MGs if it did not, at least after the latter formed as a distinct band. At any rate, the fluidity between the bands is illustrated here, as this was a single released by the Mar-Keys, but later shows up on Hip Hug-Her, the Booker T. and the MGs album.

Piss Vortex, "Den Moderne Mands Lænke"

Well, my sincere apologies for that transition.

Joshua Buergel
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